Some things you might not know about bed bugs!

Yes they feed on humans and cause itchy red bumps but did you know…

1.  Bed bugs can live for several months without a meal and so can tuck down in your home until they are near a human again.

2.  Bed bugs are very clever.  They know to stay out of view during the daytime but when night comes they crawl out of their hiding places looking for a meal.

2.  Bed bugs can live anywhere.

3.  Bed bugs feed for 5-10 minutes and then hide for 5-10 days laying eggs.

4.  Bed bugs can survive in freezing conditions as well as in hot temperatures over 100 degrees.

5.  Wonder why we don’t wake up when bitten?  It is because the bed bug saliva acts as an anesthetic making the biting painless.

The black dots are droppings, eggs are white and there are even light coloured babies in this photo.
These bed bugs have clustered together on a mattress. The black dots are droppings, the eggs are white and there are even light coloured baby bed bugs in this photo.

Bed bug infestations require professional treatment.  As well as traditional insecticidal spray treatments, Killaverm can offer ULV Fog Treatments.  Call 07989 235182 or email us for a fast response and effective treatment if you have this pest in your home or business.