Some Facts About The Oriental Cockroach

  • The oriental cockroach is one of the most common species found in the UK.
  • They are 25-30mm long.
  • They are dark brown to black in colour.
  • The egg case is called an oothecae and can contain 16 eggs.
  • The female will produce 5-10 oothecae in her lifetime.
  • Cockroaches can be found in areas of high temperature.
  • They can enter a home through food packaging or can come in under a door, air ducts or vents.
  • The oriental cockroach is commonly found in large colonies.

If a cockroach infestation occurs, it will need to be treated very swiftly as they have been found to carry a number of diseases such as salmonella, gastro-enteritis, tuberculosis and tapeworm.  Infestations need professional treatment to be removed and prevent further rapid spread.

Oriental cockroach spotted in Seaford, East Sussex.


PestEx 2017

PestEx is the largest UK trade exhibition and conference for the pest control industry. It is hosted every two years by the British Pest Control Association in London and this year it will take place on the 22nd and 23rd March.

Killaverm Pest Control will be attending to keep abreast of industry news and new developments in this ever changing sector.



Wildlife Aware Accreditation

Great News! Now Wildlife Aware accredited. A very important accreditation that demonstrates a higher degree of competency in rodenticide use, particularly in the rural environment and awareness of the potential risks to wildlife. For more information on CRRU Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use click here.

Wildlife aware logo NEW

Keeping the pigeons at bay!

A pigeon net was installed at the top of this tower to prevent pigeons from roosting and nesting.  The adjoining businesses were subject to foul smells and inundated with flying and crawling insects feeding on the guano.  110 bags of pigeon guano were removed from the base of this tower.  sham farm 1sham farm 2

60,000 Honey Bees Saved!

We were instructed to remove a colony of honey bees that had decided to make their home in the cavity wall of a property in Seaford.  This was a very exciting job and along with the client, we went to great lengths to save the bees. It took a while and a few stings handed out in the process but we got there in the end and the honey bees were given a new home.


honey bees 1

honey bees 2

twitter bees

bees in hive